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Hello Kitty Time to Shine Mini Figure Blind Box Series from Kidrobot

Company: Kidrobot x Sanrio
Available: Now
Price: $9.99 USD

Following up their Time to Shine Keychains and Pin series, Kidrobot and Sanrio have again teamed up, this time to produce a Hello Kitty Time to Shine vinyl blind box mini-series.

The set consists of 14 collectible mini figures, each depicting Hello Kitty in various costumes, such as a pirate, zombie, green alien, and kaiju monster. Each 3-inch tall collectible comes sealed in a foil bag and is blind-boxed to preserve the rarity and collectability of the series. This marketing approach also means that collectors don’t know what mini figure they’ve received until opening the package.

Kidrobot has provided the list of characters in the vinyl mini-series, along with the odds of acquiring each figure in a retail case of 24 units. Odds range from 1/24 to 1/48.

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