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Hasbro Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard from Massdrop

Company: Massdrop
Available: Sept. 2018
Price: $159.99 USD

You don’t have to be a wordplay expert to use the officially-licensed Hasbro Scrabble Keyboard from community-driven commerce vendor, Massdrop. The keyboard’s custom keycap set features the same fonts and muted colour palette as an official Scrabble board, right down to the logo on the “Enter” key. Touch typists can also swap in some whimsical extra keycaps, including one star, two triple-word scores, and two double-letter scores.

Massdrop is pairing the keycap set with an entry-level 87-key keyboard from online vendor WASD. The Scrabble Keyboard features Cherry MX Brown switches which provide a soft, tactile bump near the middle of the key and are designed with a 50 million keystroke life cycle. It comes with a detachable USB cable, PS/2 adapter, and keycap puller to assist with moving keycaps around.

The Hasbro Scrabble Keyboard is offered at a pre-order price of $159.99 USD and is scheduled to ship in September 2018.

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