Gluten-Free Modeling Dough from Tutti Frutti

Children ages 3 and up who need gluten-restricted diets are safe with a new modeling dough option from Tutti Frutti.

Manufactured by Montreal, Canada-based Bojeux, Tutti Frutti gluten-free scented dough kits retain many properties found in other modeling compounds while also being wheat-free. Cans of Tutti-Frutti gluten-free come in one of 12 fruit-flavoured or sweet scents, such as blueberry, lemon, green apple, cotton candy, bubble gum, and chocolate.

The product is rehydratable, non-sticky, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and available in a range of vibrant colours that can be combined to make new colours and new scents.

Fifteen gluten-free scented dough kits will be available next month from various online and offline retailers. Some of the kits are themed (mermaids, unicorns, dinosaurs), while others are based on kitchen activities (cookies, candy, cupcakes). Various modeling tools are included, including cutters, extruders, stencils, rolling pins, scissors, and stamps. Individual tubs of the compound are also being sold in two-, four-, and six-packs.

Prices range from $6.97-$34.97 USD.

Company: Tutti Frutti | Available: June 2022 | Price: $6.97-$34.97