FlipBooKit from Wackystuff

Wackystuff has a new maker craft for the creatively curious: the FlipBooKit.

Optical toys have offered entertainment since the invention of the phenakistiscope in 1832. Zoetropes, mutoscopes, and flipbooks soon followed as people looked for new methods of visual storytelling. Wackystuff expands on the charm of motion art with its FlipBooKit, an all-in-one kit that invites people to create their own moving pictures.

The kit includes a pop-open cardboard FlipBooKit box, blank flip cards, printable labels, plastic spindle and crank, and instructions on how to bring animation ideas to life. FlipBooKit users can create their own illustrations directly on the cards for an analogue experience. Alternatively, image files can be uploaded to a companion website where they can be printed onto the provided labels and assembled into a motion-art creation.

The Motor-Upgrade Kit allows users to motorize the hand-cranked movie machine. See the FlipBooKit in action — and get creative inspiration — on Instagram.

Company: Wackystuff | Available: Now | Price: $34.95 USD