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FK Films

The FK Films YouTube channel is home to a series of stop-motion LEGO videos that give life to characters – familiar and unfamiliar – in surprising and humourous ways.

Stop-motion filmmaking can be traced back to 1897. In the decades since its invention, the technique has been used in Star Wars, Terminator, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and many other popular modern-day films. It’s a time-consuming and painstaking process but one that allows filmmakers to express ideas that may otherwise go unshared. Such is the case with the videos created by FK Films. Intriguing storylines, creative sound effects, and inspired background music help the LEGO minifig characters come to life in their LEGO-brick worlds. Storylines include shark encounters, zombie attacks, SWAT takedowns, arcade shenanigans, pool parties, and more, The common thread – in addition to LEGO – is their undeniable charm.

The success of FK Films lies in the storytelling. Without compelling scenarios, the videos would likely fall flat. FK Films does an excellent job marrying expert LEGO-building skills with different storytelling elements to captivate viewers.

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