Fisher-Price Toy Museum – Instagram

The virtual Fisher-Price Toy Museum is an online retrospective of the legendary toymaker’s objects of play.

Available only on Instagram, the Fisher-Price Toy Museum is a thoroughly modern approach to the preservation of toy history. Visitors to the account are met by the bucolic image of a museum façade situated in a green field under sunny skies. Organized by decade and starting with the 1930s, the Museum thoughtfully retraces the history of Fisher-Price toys through highly stylized images accompanied by captions with educational information that brings the toys to life.

In a press release, Mattel stated: “‘The Fisher-Price Toy Museum was inspired by the idea that, whether you were born in the 1950s, 1980s or 2000s, everyone has a memory of their favorite childhood toy, and many of those are from Fisher-Price,’ said Chuck Scothon, SVP and Global Head of Infant and Preschool, Mattel. ‘The intent of this museum is to take visitors back to their unique childhood experiences, and give them the opportunity to relive their youth, even if just for a few moments.’”

The Fisher-Price Toy Museum is free, accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection, and open 24/7.

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