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Fairy Tale Museum – Nicosia, Cyprus

The Fairy Tale Museum in Nicosia, Cyprus interprets the words and illustrations from beloved fairy tales to create a physical world for visitors in which to explore, discover, and dream.

Created to preserve fairy tale and folklore history from around the globe, the Fairy Tale Museum transports visitors into a dream-like environment that is at once familiar and unknown. Fantasy and reality are weaved together once inside the historic building that houses the Museum. Books, art, and interactive exhibits enchant individuals of all ages. Visitors are engaged through the opportunity to discover; drawers are meant to be opened, hidden doors wait to be detected, and secret rooms hold special surprises. This is magical for children and adults alike.

Familiar fairy tales such as Jack and Beanstock, Cinderella, and Rapunzel are represented in the Museum. Visitors will also discover a wealth of fairy tales and folklore from around the world and uncover commonalities of the tales and moral lessons offered within the stories. The Museum augments their collection with programs such as painting and story-telling. The Fairy Tale Museum is an experience that will never be forgotten and one that will be fondly recalled for years to come.

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