Elmer’s Auto & Toy Museum – Fountain City, Wisconsin

Located in Fountain City, Wisconsin, Elmer’s Auto & Toy Museum boasts a mix of full-size and miniature-sized vehicles housed in a series of buildings overlooking the Mississippi River. The museum opened in 1994 and operates on a seasonal schedule with open dates posted on their website and social media channels.

Visitors to the museum can view more than 200 muscle, antique, and classic cars and motorcycles, as well as a collection of pedal cars, pedal airplanes, and pedal tractors exceeding 700 items. The museum also showcases an enormous toy collection that includes cast-iron, pressed steel, tin wind-ups, and battery-operated toys from a wide range of countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, England, Argentina, and France.

In addition to vehicles and toys, Elmer’s features an exhibit of antique tools and a vintage indoor car-go-round amusement ride. Refreshments are available on-site and guests are encouraged to spend the day–be sure to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view of the river valley after your visit.

Update: Elmer’s Auto & Toy Museum permanently closed in 2023. The collection is in the care of Milestone Auctions which will host a multi-year series of auctions to sell the collection

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