Elite Optimus Prime from Robosen

“Autobots, Transform And Roll Out!” – Optimus Prime

Last summer, Robosen sent a wave of excitement throughout the Transformers community with the announcement of its auto-converting Flagship Optimus Prime. A fascinating look into the future of consumer-level robotics, this innovative figure could transform, move, walk and talk — all without the aid of human hands!

That robot made science fiction into science fact. It was the next step in the evolution of play, realized. But apparently, to borrow a song title from Bachman-Turner Overdrive, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The robotics specialists at Robosen are once again diving into the world of Transformers to bring fans the auto-converting Elite Optimus Prime figure, scheduled for release in January 2023. Standing 16-inches tall, this state-of-the-art Autobot is smaller than the Flagship ‘bot. Like the Flagship, the new edition is engineered after its 1980s original cartoon counterpart. Created in collaboration with the team at Hasbro, the Elite Optimus Prime is painstakingly crafted from over 5,000 components, and it features an added layer of software and technology that seems to give it a soul.

Marketed as the newest way for all to enjoy the world’s most engaging Transformers experience, the Elite Optimus Prime figure is built from premium materials and powered by 60 microchips controlling 27 servo motor joints for an astonishingly smooth range of motion. Capable of transforming from Autobot commander to Freightliner semi-truck at the push of a button or the sound of your voice, this exceptionable figure really does do it all! Adding to the superb sense of realism, Optimus has also been programmed with a total of 80 different sound effects and is voiced by original animated series actor (and fellow Canadian) Peter Cullen.

Fans can also interact with the Elite Optimus Prime figure through an extensive library of voice commands, while an impressive array of remote-controlled actions can be accessed through the official Robosen Robotics Optimus Prime app, available for download now for most Android and iOS devices. Beyond the actions built into the figure, fans can also program unique sequences through the app. Included in-app missions allow your experience to constantly change and evolve as you unlock more engaging interactions for your figure along the way.

With its included light-up blaster and transcendental battle axe, Optimus is ready for action and eager to entertain right out of the box. Redefined for fans from every generation, this figure truly is the next generation of authentic collectible robot. Whether Robosen plans on releasing an Elite version of its sold-out Flagship Optimus Prime Trailer Kit remains to be seen.

Available now through the official Robosen website, as well as numerous online retailers ranging from Big Bad Toy Store to Entertainment Earth, the auto-converting Elite Optimus Prime figure is priced at $699.99 USD, a considerable savings when compared to the $999.99 USD price tag of the larger Flagship edition. Look for it to roll out this coming January!

Company: Robosen | Available: January 2023 | Price: $699.99 USD