Electronic Games Magazine

In 1981, Electronic Games was the first magazine solely dedicated to video games. In that same year, Ronald Reagan became President of the United States, Hill Street Blues premiered, and Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in theatres.

The magazine premiered during the golden age of arcade video games. Advances in technology and design pushed the industry forward and the number of North American video arcades had reached 10,000. Electronic Games capitalized on that popularity. The magazine was known for its colourful and engaging graphics. It featured previews and reviews, but was prized for its well-written articles about video game designers, interviews with industry experts (including video game repair experts), advances in software, and gaming-related furniture.

While the first run of the magazine folded in 1985, it was revived from 1992-1995 on the back of the 16-bit era. Digital Press has done an outstanding job archiving the majority of the first-run issues. Copies of the magazine’s two runs can also be found on eBay.