Dough Universe, from Technology Will Save Us

It turns out the ingredients in the timeless modeling compound of play dough are ideal for conducting electricity. Technology Will Save Use figured this out and created Dough Universe, a new line of STEAM-focused tech toys. The company is running a Kickstarter campaign from June 5-July 5, with the goal of bringing to market three different kits plus an app for IOS and Android. The kits are aimed at kids 4-7 years old, and will teach them the basic principles behind electricity.

The Squishy Sounds Kit is all about the beat. Kids mold musical instruments using “electro dough” and cookie cutters. Once their doughy instruments are connected to the sound controller, they can “play” the instrument and create sounds. The Dough Universe App teaches them how to manipulate the dough and electricity to change the sounds.

Light is the theme of the Bright Creatures Kit. Kids create mystical animals that move and light up in different ways. The underlying principles are the same – the dough is connected to a Light Controller and electricity is conducted through the creation to generate the effects. The Dough Universe App will provide interactive games that illustrate how energy flows through various creatures.

Finally, the Electro Machines Kit focuses on movement. Kids first create mechanical devices with the dough. The Move Controller brings them to life with movement. A Move Helper device provides an additional modes of rotational movement.

Technology Will Save Us has set a $50,000 USD target for its campaign. Pledges start at $40 for individual kits or $100 for all three. If the Kickstarter campaign is a success, delivery is scheduled for November 2017 – just in time for the holiday season!

Company: Technology Will Save Us (Kickstarter) | Available: November 2017 | Price: $40 USD and up