Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection 4 LP Box Set from Spacelab9

In 2013, a 50th-anniversary boxed set of audio CDs was released featuring music and sound effects from Doctor Who’s 50-year history. It was testament to the enduring popularity of this classic British sci-fi television series about a Time Lord who travels through space and time battling evil.

The celebration continues in 2016 with the release of Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection Four LP Box Set by New York City-based Spacelab9. The company has pressed 1,000 copies of the set on “Metallic Silver” vinyl. Dubbed the “Cyberman Edition”, the set is available exclusively from online retailer, ThinkGeek. It’s packaged in a quad-fold jacket and includes a 16-page full-colour booklet, complete with liner notes from Doctor Who composer Mark Ayres.

The set includes 50 tracks and encompasses the shows first 11 Doctors (Peter Capaldi, the show’s 12th doctor, took over the character’s reins at the end of 2013). Spacelab9 has also managed to squeeze in a previously un-released bonus track – an extra treat for fans looking to re-experience some of the show’s most iconic musical soundscapes.

Company: SPACELAB9 (sold exclusively through ThinkGeek) | Available: March 2016 | Price: $79.99 USD