Do You Read Me?: Vintage Communication Toys

In a follow-up to his book Zap! Ray Gun Classics, author Leslie Singer has curated more than 150 full-colour photographs of conversational toys in Do You Read Me? Vintage Communication Toys. Organized by decade from the 1930s through ’70s, Singer’s book includes toy walkie-talkies, phones, and radios and traces the impact that science fiction and plastics had on the composition and complexity of toy design.

As he did in Zap!, Singer sprinkles a variety of complementary ads, packaging photos, comic book art, and even a futuristic birthday card or two throughout the new book’s 96 pages. As a bonus, it contains the Singer Communications Walkie-Talkie Model XIB/Pure 300, a no-tech, paper-based, build-it-yourself communicator.

In addition to celebrating the design aesthetic of each communication toy, Do You Read Me? provides several pages of pricing guidelines for enthusiasts looking to augment their collections, as well as some online references for additional information.

Author: Leslie Singer | ISBN: 978-0764355783 | Publication date: 2018 | Pages: 96 | Format: Hardcover