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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.
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Dino Sphere from BioPop

Company: Biological & Popular Culture, Inc.
Available: June 2016
Price: $59.95 USD

Move over, Sea-Monkeys! The original “instant pet” of the 1960s has a brand-new cousin – the Dino Sphere.

While Sea-Monkeys use the science of cryptobiosis to allow kids and adults to grow and observe their own farms of a hybrid species of brine shrimp, Dino Sphere relies on bioluminescence to let its owners enjoy the bright blue glow of dinoflagellates.

Developed by California-based BioPop, the Dino Sphere is a 4-inch decorative glass semi-sphere that contains a mixture of water and dinoflagellates packaged as Blue Dino Food. When the sphere is stored away from direct light and at a moderate room temperature, optimal conditions are created to grow an “interactive living world.”

Dinoflagellates naturally glow in the absence of sunlight and in response to some form of physical stimulation. So, by simply swirling the Dino Sphere at nightfall, it’s easy to encourage the dinoflagellates to emit a bright blue glow that increases in intensity as the night progresses. No batteries or electricity are required!

The Dino Sphere checks in at $59.95 USD with an expected June 2016 delivery.

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