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Dino Lamps from Firebox

Company: Firebox
Available: Now
Price: £ 29.99

UK retailer Firebox has released a new dinosaur-influenced LED lamp series that will allow anyone to add a bit of prehistoric panache to their home decor. Available in three different models (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Diplodocus), each Dino Lamp is powered by an energy-efficient LED bulb.

Each dinosaur breed sports a different colored skin (T-Rex orange, Triceratops white, and Diplodocus green) – not likely true to the Jurassic era, but delightful options for interior design! All three lamps are made of folded plastic that gives them an origami-style flair.

Dino Lamps retail for £29.99 (approximately $43 USD.) The initial release of the Dino Lamps is sold with UK “Type G” plugs, so if you’re stateside, you’ll need to use a converter.

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