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Diefenbunker – Ottawa, Ontario

Diefenbunker is a museum dedicated to preserving Canada’s Cold War history and offers a “museum at home” online experience for people of all ages.

Built between 1959 and 1961 as a nuclear war shelter for members of the Canadian military and government, the site is a four-storey, 100,000-square-foot bunker built almost entirely underground. Now a non-profit organization, Diefenbunker hosts educational tours and events for the public. While temporarily closed due to COVID-19, Diefenbunker continues its educational mandate through online activities.

Virtual Tours

Take an online tour of various sections of the facility, including the machine room, vault, and fully-furnished offices. Turn on the sound to hear the virtual guide explain the sights in more detail.

Education and Research

A significant portion of Diefenbunker resources are dedicated to education. Learn about the facility’s massive air raid siren, blast tunnel, CONELRAD emergency broadcast system, decontamination room, escape hatch and many other fascinating sights at the museum.


Break out the pencil crayons and print downloadable colouring pages that capture popular museum features.

Diefenbunker is a popular destination for both nearby residents and tourists of Canada’s national capital region. You can support Diefenbunker while they are temporarily closed by leaving a positive Google Review to show your support!


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