DC Comics Miniature Comics Tile Collection from Cryptozoic Entertainment

Company: Cryptozoic Entertainment
Available: Mar. 2017
Price: $99.99 USD

Before the advent of specialty shops, building a comic book collection usually involved a trip to the corner store to check out the latest issues, which were often nestled in a “Hey!! Kids Comics” spinner rack. The Miniature Comics Tile Collection is a nod to this nostalgic memory.

This diminutive comic book experience is thanks to a partnership between Cryptozoic Entertainment and DC Comics. Each comic book tile depicts the cover of a key (and highly collectible) DC Comics issue – like Action Comics #1, Brave and the Bold #28, and Detective Comics #27. On the back of each book is a retro-style advertisement. The tiles are stored in a miniaturized metal wire frame that spins just like the full-size version used to. The rack stands approximately 14-inches tall and is crowned with a 4-sided tin sign.

The collection retails for $99.99, which includes the replica spinner and 20 comics tiles. It will be available in March 2017 at various online retailers.

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