The Daily Worker Placement

The Daily Worker Placement is a blog written by a collective of contributors passionate about board games and board-game culture intended for readers at every stage of board-game fandom.

The blog shares news, reviews, and original interviews with gaming pundits in engaging articles published multiple times a week. The articles are entertaining and illuminating and serve not only to inform but also draw the readers into the gaming lives of the contributors; there’s a strong story-telling element within the writing that brings readers back for more. The Daily Worker Placement has something for all levels of gamers. For individuals interested in the culture of games, the blog provides a community of like-minded people with which to share curiosity and passion. For those interested in discovering worthy games to add to their collection, the blog doesn’t disappoint and actively encourages readers to ‘just play the damn games‘ – a surprisingly insightful and refreshing approach to being a newcomer to a gaming community. There’s even an article about how to be a more graceful loser (required reading before every game night).

Be prepared to lose a bit of time; The Daily Worker Placement is designed to keep readers engaged. A task performed exceptionally well.