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Custom Monopoly Board Game from Custom Made Kitsch

Company: CustomMadeKitsch (Etsy)
Available: Made to order.
Price: $175 USD and up.

Monopoly is available in many versions, and now you can have (or gift) a customized Monopoly game at the Custom Made Kitsch Etsy store. Imagine that – a Monopoly game customized to a particular theme, colour, and properties of your choosing!

For $240USD, the Game Bundle Package includes a standard set of Monopoly cash and two dice, along with these customized items:

  • Regulation-size Monopoly board
  • Property cards
  • Chance and Community Chest cards
  • Laminated playing pieces
  • Custom box

If you’re more of a Monopoly purist, a slightly less expensive $175 USD option swaps out the laminated playing pieces and box for the standard pewter playing pieces and Hasbro’s “Monopoly with Speed Die” box.

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