Comics with Problems

Since 2005, Austin, Texas-based archivist, sound artist, and cartoonist Ethan Persoff has shared old, out-of-print, and decidedly off-the-wall educational comics on his website, Comics with Problems. The extensive online archive is a treasure-trove of informational comics chock-full of over-the-top public service announcements and preachy diatribes created in response to the latest moral panic of their day.

Persoff’s list of comics to “cure every problem” run the gamut from anti-drug messaging to terrorism awareness, STD prevention, stranger danger, and much, much more.

Each comic can be read in its entirety, panel-by-panel. A Your Letters section is included at the end of each post. Persoff’s commentary is kept to a minimum, allowing readers to comment on the quality of the art and their own humorous reactions at the often heavy handed fear-based messaging.