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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.


collectSPACE is an online community of space enthusiasts who provide education about and preserve the history of international space exploration and discoveries.

Founded in 1999 by journalist and space historian Robert Z. Pearlman, collectSPACE has grown into a widely recognized authority in all things space. With a huge archive of historical documents, vintage photos, news releases, and articles, the website excels at reminding readers about important achievements in space exploration and generating interest for modern-day space exploration. Readers revisit initiatives such as Apollo 17’s Goodwill Moon Rocks, learn about NASA’s Astronaut Preference Kit Policy, and discover the logic behind the space shuttle thermal protection system tile numbering system. Space enthusiasts have plenty to sink their teeth into on collectSPACE. News archived by year provides an easy way to navigate the top stories of the times. Those who want to share their fondness for space can engage with other space geeks in the discussion forums; a polite community of supportive enthusiasts.

collectSPACE is a nostalgic journey for some readers and a process of discovery for others. Individuals who were enamoured by the cosmos as children may find their interest reignited by collectSPACE. For those who weren’t caught by the space bug earlier in their lives, collectSPACE may just be the catalyst for a new passion.

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