Clue 2023 from Hasbro

Hasbro is ringing in the new year with a fresh-faced edition of Clue.

A staple of many a family game night, the classic whodunit board game has a 21st-century update more than 70 years after its initial debut — complete with new art, sculpted miniatures, golden-finished weapons, and the same solid gameplay that has defined the title since the beginning.

Originally conceived by Anthony Pratt in 1947, the inspiration for Clue came from fond memories that the musician had of playing parlour games with his friends prior to the war. Alongside his wife, Elva Pratt, the pair devised a board game that was both compelling and cheap to produce. In it, players take on the role of guests at a manor who are present for a murder that must be solved.

The rest, as they say, is history. Clue has gone on to become one of the most popular board games the world over — so much so that Paramount Pictures even turned the concept into a movie starring Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd back in 1985.

In the 2023 edition of Clue, players ages eight and up must attempt to uncover who killed Boddy Black after he threatened to blackmail his party of guests. Hasbro has updated the classic characters — Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mayor Green, Solicitor Peacock, and Chef White — with added backstories and possible motives for committing murder.

As players move around the manor (it retains classic locations like the billiard room and conservatory), they unlock the information needed to put Black’s killer away for good.

The new Clue game is now available online and through numerous retailers. Priced at $21.99 USD, it is the latest addition to a family of games that include everything from the monochromatic Clue Signature Collection to a host of escape-and-solve mystery games like Robbery At The Museum and Treachery At Tudor Mansion.

For those who are wondering, this 2023 edition of Clue has absolutely nothing to do with the planned Ryan Reynolds movie that was announced a few years back. It is, however, a much-needed revamp of a long-running classic, complete with all the nostalgic charm you remember … and a little Knives Out fun thrown in for good measure!

Company: Amazon | Available: Now | Price: $21.99 USD