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The Classic Tinkertoy Construction Set Building Manual

Author: Dylan Dawson
ISBN: 978-1402750786
Publication date: 2007
Pages: 144
Format: Softcover

With a 100+ year track record, Tinkertoy construction sets remain a creative tool of choice for budding architects, designers, and engineers. With this continued fascination in mind, The Classic Tinkertoy Construction Set Building Manual offers a number of colorful projects that use the toy’s basic building blocks: rods and spools.

Author Dylan Dawson and Illustrator Robert Steimle provide graphical instructions for 37 design projects, including a bridge, dragster, helicopter, and skyscraper. Each project starts with an illustration of the completed design, followed by a series of photos that walk children through the build piece-by-piece. The book is written to be enjoyed by kids ages 8 and up, although some of the more advanced projects will require parental support – a perfect excuse to re-visit a toy from your youth!

In addition to the printed projects, the book also includes a CD-ROM (a reflection of the book’s 2007 publication date) containing a guide and additional projects.

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