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Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger from Z-Man Games

Company: Z-Man Games
Available: Now
Price: $24.99 USD

The original Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) book series was published by Bantam Books from 1979-1999. During that time, 184 different adventures were released, as well as more than 100 additional titles in various spin-off series. Readers could choose one of multiple paths through the story until finally reaching one of several possible conclusions.

Educators have lauded the books as effective for encouraging kids to read. Now, fans of CYOA can enjoy this iconic reading experience in a new form. Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger is a narrative adventure game from Z-Man Games. Inspired by author R.A Montgomery’s CYOA 1982 book of the same title, the retro packaging resembles the original cover of the book.

Just like the book series, players choose a route. But, instead of leafing through book pages, players read story cards. They’re also presented with various challenges to collect clues and gather items to help in their quest. Since the game provides many choices and multiple endings, it can be replayed several times.

House of Danger is highly interactive with a recommended age range of 10+. The game’s story is divided into five chapters, each played in a single session. Z-Man Games estimates that players will need about one hour to navigate through each chapter. House of Danger can be played solo or cooperatively with friends.

In addition to a small game board, House of Danger includes a rule book, 160 story cards, 129 clue cards, one die, and Psychic Mover and Danger Mover playing pieces. The list price is $24.99 USD and it’s now available from a variety of online resellers.

Ed Lute grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. He lives in southern New Jersey with his family.

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