Chevrolet Corvette 1961 from LEGO

Known for its performance, distinctive styling, and competitive price, few cars are as iconic as the Chevrolet Corvette. Initially manufactured and marketed by General Motors as a lightweight six-cylinder convertible beginning in 1953, this timeless luxury sports car has moved steadily upmarket for decades. It currently sits firmly in the ranks of the supercar class alongside such notable marques as Pagani, McLaren, and Ferrari. Now, in celebration of the label’s 70th anniversary later this year, LEGO transforms one of the most popular Corvette models into a fully realized three-dimensional building set. And the best part? It’ll only cost a fraction of the real thing!

Available for purchase now, the 1961 Chevrolet Corvette is the latest addition to LEGO’s adult-focused Icons collection, which has previously released buildable models of the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, and Porsche 911. Consisting of 1,210 individual pieces, the new LEGO Corvette stands 4-inches high, 12.5-inches long, and 5.5-inches wide upon completion. Decked out in a beautiful coat of Roman Red, the model also features a swappable hardtop, opening hood, trunk, and a spinning radiator fan. There is even a working tie-rod steering set-up in the engine bay.

As if that’s not enough, the recreated cabin features three pedals, a gear shifter, and a steering wheel that actually turns the wheels. Highlighted bodyside coves in Ermine White, a detailed eight-cylinder engine, and three optional license plate stickers are included. The transitional ducktail backend and four iconic taillights have also been carried over from the real-world production model.

Of course, this is not the first time that a Corvette has pulled into the LEGO garage. In 2016, a small ZO6 model made from 168 pieces was released in a Speed Champions set. Then came a 600-piece Technic model featuring the ZR1 in 2019. In 2021, LEGO released a second Speed Champions set made up of 500 pieces that featured both a buildable C8.R and 1969 Corvette inside the box.

Available now through numerous retailers, The LEGO 1961 Chevrolet Corvette is priced at $149.99 USD and is certain to make a fine addition to any collection!

Unveiled as a concept at the 1953 GM Motorama, the Chevrolet Corvette was the brainchild of American automotive designer Harley Earl. Receiving its name from the small, manoeuvrable warship of the same name, the car went to market as a modest two-door convertible powered by GM’s second-generation Blue Flame six-cylinder engine. A new body was introduced for the 1956 model, featuring a revised front end and side coves. For 1961, the rear of the car was completely redesigned with a tapered tail and four round lights. This new tail treatment would continue for all subsequent model-year Corvettes until 2014. Currently in its eighth generation, the C8 model features a rear mid-engine configuration and is powered by a base 6.2 litre naturally aspirated V8 generating 465 horsepower.

Company: LEGO Group | Available: Now | Where to Buy: LEGO Group | Price: $149.99 USD