Chess Daily News

Chess enthusiasts of all abilities can get their fix of chess news, strategy, player profiles, and event information at The Chess Daily News website.

Chess Grandmaster, Olympic- and World-chess champion Susan Polgar is the brains behind the site, which delivers chess-related content multiple times each day, making it a valuable resource for players. If you think of chess as a cerebral pursuit, Polgar will soon have you thinking differently. Her articles highlight the impact and longevity of the game, often showcasing youth clubs that embrace the game with zeal.

The website is a natural extension of Polgar’s vast experience and mastery of chess. It’s clear she loves the game and wants others to love it, too. She accomplishes this with her inclusive approach – everyone is welcomed, from newbies to aficionados and highly accomplished players. She provides education and strategies to help anyone improve gameplay. With all that on offer, it’s no wonder Polgar has created a strong and loyal online community.

Chess Daily News doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is part of its charm. If you’ve been wanting to get into chess or have been meaning to take steps to improve your game, Chess Daily News is the place to start.