Chatter Telephone with Bluetooth from Fisher-Price

“No emojis, no camera – just fun!”

To celebrate Chatter Telephone’s 60th anniversary, Mattel has released a special edition of the iconic toy that includes some grown-up functionality: the ability to make and receive real phone calls.

The Special Edition model has integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing it to pair with IOS and Android devices and use a family’s existing phone plan. Kids can dial out using the working rotary dial and place incoming calls on speakerphone to chat “hands, knees, and toes-free.”

Mattel is playfully touting the Chatter Telephone’s mobility (it’s on wheels) and sleek, bulky face design featuring wobbly eyes.

The Chatter Phone with Bluetooth comes with a USB charging cord that allows a talk time of nine hours when fully charged. It is available exclusively at Best Buy for $60.00 USD while supplies last.

Company: Fisher-Price | Available: Now | Price: $60.00 USD