Cardkits from Anther Kiley

Cardkits offer a welcome break from screens with paper-based play. Created by Rhode Island-based designer and educator, Anther Kiley, Cardkits come in a variety of build-it-yourself designs.

Each kit comes as a set of pre-cut card stock parts made using FSC-certified, sustainably sourced paper. Kits are assembled by popping out individual pieces and joining them together using standard white glue. While the kits are all printed in full colour, they are easily customized and decorated.

Individual Cardkits can stand-alone and can be combined to form miniature cities. Kiley has designed CardKits that cover all the world-building basics, including cars, houses, furniture, and locomotives. In a whimsical twist, colourful fish figures represent people in the Cardkits universe and are incorporated into kits that promote both leisure and professional activities.

Cardkits range in price starting at $9, depending on the complexity of the kit. They’re available directly from Kiley’s online store.

Company: Cardkits | Available: Now | Price: $9.00 USD and up