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Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor and Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle from Corgi

“His Name? Captain Scarlet!”

Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was a British science fiction series that utilizes an innovative form of electronic puppetry known as Supermarionation. Similar in style to Thunderbirds, the show is set in 2068 and follows “the war of nerves” between Earth and the Mysterons, extraterrestrial beings that possess partial control over matter. Originally broadcast on ITV from September 29th, 1967 to May 14th, 1968, this 32-episode series has since been aired in over 40 countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.

This summer, Corgi is expanding its product range with two new diecast models inspired by the late ’60s serial — the sleek Angel Interceptor and formidable Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle!

Let’s take a look at these tantalizing transports.

Captain Scarlet (Classic) Angel Interceptor

A single-seater strike aircraft developed by International Engineering, the iconic Angel Interceptor uses the same platform as the World Army Air Force “Viper” Jet and has been specially adapted for Cloudbase requirements. Precision-engineered and incredibly compact, it carries extra electronic instruments and mammoth fuel tanks that allow the craft to complete any mission without refueling.

Poised and ready for immediate take-off, Angel Interceptors come equipped with flight computers and offer pilots all-round visibility, as well as gunsights and gizmos aplenty right at their fingertips. Corgi’s model measures 16.2-centimetres long and features a fully painted finish and screen-accurate badging that perfectly mirrors the aircraft’s appearance on the show.

Captain Scarlet (Classic) Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)

Fast, armoured, and amphibious, the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle is Spectrum’s major Earth-bound combat force. A 10-wheeled two-seater, this bullet-proof vehicle is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 300 kilometres per hour and is driven from a special aircraft-style bucket seat with the driver facing rear, steering the lightweight multi-purpose motors by television monitor. Equipped with revolutionary radar installations, super sensitive two-way radios, an air-conditioning plant, and a protein-rich food supply, SPV crews can remain entirely self-sufficient for long periods of time.

Featuring a unique windscreen-free design, Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles also pack some serious heat, including laser cannons, ground-to-air missiles, and electrode ray cannons – the only truly effective anti-Mysteron weapon. Corgi’s beautifully crafted replica measures 14.4 centimetres in length and features a fully painted finish and accurate livery matching those seen on screen.

Both the Corgi Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor and Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle are available for pre-order and priced at £29.99 each. Fans should expect them to begin shipping out by June 2024.

Are you ready to defend the earth from the Mysterons?

Company: Corgi | Available: June 2024 | Where to Buy: Corgi | Price: £29.99