Bruce’s Beliefs

Author: Bruce D. Lund
Publication date: June 2012
ISBN: 978-1470008574
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback

In Bruce’s Beliefs: Everything I Know about Business (and Life) I Learned Playing with Toys, Bruce Lund shares 68 beliefs that he’s acquired through his 40+ years of experience in the toy industry. From life advice to career advice to simple lessons of joy, Lund’s book is a lighthearted read fit for any type of reader.

Split into nine chapters that categorize his beliefs, Bruce’s Beliefs shares advice, lessons, and mantras to live by through the lens of toys, games, and the art of play. Each chapter includes 5-10 beliefs. Lund elaborates on some beliefs with anecdotes, research, and examples, and others say enough with just their title.

Meant to be read over a longer period time, Bruce’s Beliefs is the perfect coffee table book. Readers can flip to any page and read a belief or two and come back to it another time; there’s no necessary order to read them in.

In addition to advice, readers get to know the charming and humorous author as he shares the lessons life has taught him. Founder of his own toy company, Lund is an expert in the field and a wonderful writer, and Bruce’s Beliefs is the perfect marriage of both skills and a memorable and engaging book for any reader.

Julia DeKorte is a book reviewer focused on the noteworthy people and manufacturers from the toy and game industry. In addition to Toy Tales, she is a regular contributor at People of Play.