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Brik Tile LEGO Compatible Wall Tiles from Jolt Team

Company: Jolt Team
Available: October 2016
Price: $20.00 USD and up

Remember Brik Book, the LEGO compatible MacBook case successfully kick-started in 2015 by California-based design company Jolt Team? The company’s follow-up project, Brik Tile, extends LEGO compatibility to walls, doors, and other objects in your home or office.

Each Brik Tile is 10” x 10” and is backed with an adhesive that adheres to most smooth surfaces. Because the adhesive is temporary, each tile can be removed and re-applied multiple times without damaging the surface beneath it. Brik Tiles are also modular in their design, making it possible to install them flush with each other without the need for traditional tile spacers.

A Brik Tile installation is truly a blank canvas for creativity. In addition to using LEGO bricks, the tiles also play nicely with Mega Bloks and Kre-O. Jolt Team also offers its own set of building blocks called “Briks.” These small, 1”x1” bricks are available in multiple colors and are ideal for Pixel art enthusiasts. With the design community in mind, the company has also launched, a website that facilitates the sharing and downloading of Brik-based design concepts.

In addition to Briks, the company offers hinged Brik Clips that allow objects, like keys and cables, to be hung from them. A 3-D Structure Kit that contains a series of building bricks in different sizes and colors is also available. It’s perfect for creating more complex designs like a shelf, business card, or snail mail holder.

A Brik Tile Starter Pack on Kickstarter checks in at $20 USD. It includes two Brik Tiles, two Brik Clips, 300 Briks, and a Brik logo sticker.

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