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Brickmania – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis continues to be one of the hippest cities in the U.S., thanks to Brickmania Toys.

The brainchild of independent designer, Daniel Siskind, the Brickmania Toys company is focused on creating LEGO kits that fall outside of LEGO’s official product lines. Think elaborate castles, military vehicles, civil war, and pirate kits.

You can order online but if you’re in Minneapolis, you must visit Brickmania Toys in person. They have two locations: A retail location in the Mall of America and a Toyworks gallery/retail space that showcases massive dioramas, models, and sculptures. There’s really nothing else quite like this.

Be warned. After a visit to Brickmania Toys you’ll need to clear your schedule for the next week as you obsess over your new LEGO.

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