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Board Games: With Price Guide

Author: Desi Scarpone
ISBN: 978-0887407253
Publication date: 1995
Pages: 160
Format: Softcover

Board Games: With Price Guide is an entertaining visual compendium of more than 1,400 tabletop games from the 1940s through the 1980s. Throughout the book’s 160 pages, author and prolific board game collector Desi Scarpone offers up a mix of colour photos and corresponding title, publisher, date, and current market price for each game at the time of the book’s printing.

Complimentary photos of related memorabilia and vintage advertising are also interspersed throughout the text, providing visual markers of a specific game’s moment in time in popular culture. The book is organized into four main themes, including Western and Military, Business, Book Shelf, and Sports, General Games, and Entertainment. Two additional sections focus on the game of Monopoly and the extensive line of Board Games from Schaper Toys.

Board Games: With Price Guide was re-issued in 2004 from the same publisher. The second edition provides updated pricing.

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