Bits N’ Bricks

The Bits N’ Bricks podcast is an official LEGO Group production sharing the history of and stories behind LEGO Games.

Hosted by journalist Brian Crecente and documentarian Ethan Vincent, Bits N’ Bricks offers an insider’s view of the 25-year history of LEGO Games, including games that were developed but never officially released. Through conversations with the creators and innovators involved in game production, the podcast establishes a transparency that was formerly unavailable to the public.

Although the podcast is still in its relative infancy, Bits N’ Bricks plans to highlight over 50 different games throughout its run. The podcast was originally established for corporate use only but began broadcasting publicly at the end of 2020.

Gateway episodes include LEGO Builder’s Journey (episode 6) and LEGO Minifigures (episode 8). New episodes are released weekly.