Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit from Abacus Brands

Science still rules!

Bill Nye, the beloved bowtie-wearing host of the popular 1990s educational series, Bill Nye the Science Guy, has returned to enlighten the next generation about the wonders of science. This time, he is aided by an immersive, and officially branded, virtual reality kit courtesy of Abacus Brands.

Designed for kids ages eight and up, Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit features over 30 hands-on experiments for budding scientists to try at home. The 50-piece kit includes all the instructions and materials needed to start playing and learning right out of the box, from beakers to test tubes and tweezers.

An illustrated 80-page interactive workbook with step-by-step lessons presented in augmented reality is also included. Children can marvel as pictures become videos right before their eyes and Bill Nye comes to life to walk them through each experiment in the book. Kids will learn a number of key scientific principles while creating everything from their own lava lamp to the ever-popular baking soda volcano.

There’s more!

This kit offers a truly unique and immersive experience that is sure to entertain both young and old alike while keeping up-and-coming scientists occupied for hours. The included VR goggles — along with a compatible smartphone and the free Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit companion app — are used to view lessons from Nye on a variety of different subjects, all while on a virtual tour of his actual lab. Kids can fly over mountains, dive deep into crystal caves, and even ride in a hot-air balloon as they uncover the wonders of science.

“The play pattern is designed to engage kids vertically,” says Steve Rad, founder and CEO of Abacus Brands, in a video posted to the company’s official YouTube channel. “You learn from the book, you do a physical project, then you experience it in virtual reality with Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

“This Abacus science kit is what I’ve been looking for,” Nye expands. “It’s a set of experiments integrated with computer-generated virtual reality. First, it’s hands-on at home. Then, the system expands your understanding by taking you around the world and the universe virtually. Steve Rad and his team are passionate about creating an immersive world where kids can learn and love science. It’s what science educators have hoped for.”

He’s not wrong. Bill Nye the Science Guy was part of my regular television rotation growing up. I’ve always loved science and would have loved to have had this kit as a kid.

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit is available for purchase directly through the official Abacus Brands website, and from a select number of retailers. Priced at $59.99 USD, it’s sure to make a great gift for the future scientist in your life!

Company: Abacus Brands | Available: Now | Price: $59.99 USD