The BigPlanes YouTube channel showcases custom LEGO aircraft builds that are large in scale and big on detail.

Teenage LEGO enthusiast, Jack Carleson, documents his builds-in-progress as well as finished works on his channel. Builds include the Northrup Flying Wing MOC WIP, XF-85 Goblin Parasite Fighter, Air Force One 747, Concorde, Saturn V, and an Airbus A380 that is seven feet wide and weighs almost 100 pounds. Not content just with creating highly detailed exteriors, Carleson also tackles the interiors of many planes — complete with flight deck, galley, seats, passengers, and the oft-dreaded airplane lavatory. He also posts how-to videos to help other LEGO enthusiasts create their own extraordinary builds.

Fans of the BigPlanes YouTube channel can support Carleton’s work through Patreon. Perks include images of works in progress, mentions within his videos, and exclusive content not shared on the YouTube channel.