Batman Unburied

Batman Unburied is an original audio serial drama featuring characters from the Batman universe.

Over 10 episodes, listeners follow citizens of Gotham City while a villain known as The Harvester wrecks havoc. There is a twist on the familiar superhero storyline: Bruce Wayne has no memory of being Batman.

The series was created by David S. Goyer, whose screenwriting credits include The Dark Knight trilogy and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The main characters are voiced by Winston Duke (Bruce Wayne), Sam Witwer (The Harvester), Lance Reddick (Thomas Wayne), Hasan Minhaj (The Riddler), and Gina Rodriquez (Barbara Gordon).

The series is the outcome of a partnership between Warner Bros. and Spotify Studios. Wonder Woman, Superman, Harley Quinn, and other DC Comic characters are also expected to get their own audio serials.

New episodes of Batman Unburied are released each Tuesday.