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Barbie Dream House (1962 Reproduction) from Mattel

Company: Mattel
Available: Now
Price: $100.00 USD

Mattel has re-issued the Barbie doll’s first-ever Dream House just as it was in 1962. Originally designed by Barbie’s creator Ruth Handler, Mattel’s vintage reproduction is a replica of the original, in all its mid-century modern splendor.

Dream House décor includes self-assembled, slim-line furniture, including a hi-fi stereo, coral rug, plaid couch, and peacock-blue chair, all placed on a white-tile floor and surrounded by yellow walls. Barbie must order in all the time, as the 1962 Dream House didn’t have a kitchen! Speaking of Barbie, she’s included too, with a blonde ponytail and Floral PAK sheath dress.

The reproduction also maintains one of the Dream House’s most popular features: portability. Fans can simply fold the walls to convert the house into a portable carrying case.

The Barbie Dream House (1962 Reproduction) is sold for $99.99 USD and is available from a variety of online retailers.

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