Back to the Future Sets from Playmobil

Playmobil has released Back to the Future themed playsets to celebrate the sci-fi franchise’s 35th anniversary. This latest foray into licensed properties focuses on the trilogy’s first film, specifically the DeLorean time machine and the main characters.

Playmobil has put many welcome details into its DeLorean model, including working gull-wing style doors, the iconic California OUTATIME license plate, a plutonium chamber, dashboard circuits, and a DMC emblem logo on the front grille of the car. The DeLorean’s wheels fold down, representing the hover conversion that allowed the vehicle to fly in the movies.

Two AAA batteries power a set of LEDs and light channels that mimic the animated light show that occurred just before the car began its hop through time. Battery power is also used to illuminate a tiny version of the flux capacitor inside the vehicle.

The set comes with the 1985 versions of Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett Brown (Doc), and Doc’s sheepdog, Einstein. Marty is decked out in his red puffy vest while Doc sports his familiar white jumpsuit. A skateboard, camcorder, and miniature case of radioactive plutonium are also included.

An additional two-pack of Marty and Doc figures wearing their outfits from 1955 is also available, including a red electric guitar and a Save the Clock Tower flyer.

The Back to the Future set checks in at $49.99 USD, while the additional pack of figures runs $7.99 USD. Both sets are available from a variety of online retailers, as well as Playmobil’s online store.

Company: Playmobil | Available: Now | Price: $7.99-$49.99 USD