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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

BabyLand General Hospital – Cleveland, Georgia

BabyLand General Hospital is equal parts museum, toy store, and performance theatre dedicated to pop culture royalty, the Cabbage Patch Kids.

The Cabbage Patch Kids dolls caused a frenzy when they were released by Coleco in 1982. Children were captivated by the soft-sculptured dolls and parents responded with frantic trips to local toy and department stores in hopes of finding a doll for their child. As a result, legions of frantic parents literally battled each other in an effort to bring home one of the dolls. Decades later, Cabbage Patch Kids are still in demand thanks in part to the doll’s current manufacturer, Wicked Cool Toys.

For Cabbage Patch Kids enthusiasts, BabyLand General Hospital is high on the list of places to visit.  Situated on 650 acres of land in the Georgia mountains, BabyLand offers an experience of a lifetime. The Hospital is home to thousands of highly collectable dolls, many available for adoption. Employees of the facility play the roles of nurses and doctors as they tend to newly “born” dolls and provide care to dolls brought in by children from around the world.

Visitors are welcome to take self-guided tours through the facility and around the grounds. Admission to BabyLand General Hospital is free.

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