Atari® Mini PONG Jr.

Here’s a great new holiday gift for the retro-gaming fan in your life: the forthcoming Atari Mini PONG Jr.

The original PONG arcade game, released in 1972, is widely considered to be one of the first commercially successful video games and is credited for laying the groundwork for the entire video game industry. Mini PONG Jr. channels the classic PONG arcade experience into a portable version that measures approximately 12-inches in length.

While Mini PONG Jr. turns back time, the new device is also outfitted with several modern components and features, including a 7.9-inch LCD screen. It can be powered by a USB cable and adapter or three lithium rechargeable batteries for truly portable play.

Using two Atari-branded dials, players control the on-screen action while listening to built-in retro arcade sound effects. Mini PONG Jr. has two-player and solo gaming options. Single players can wield their table-tennis simulation skills against an AI-powered opponent with ten different skill levels.

There is no official release date or pricing yet for the Atari Mini PONG Jr. Plans are for UNIS Technology Ltd. to distribute the game in China and Asian markets, while Arcade1Up will handle North American distribution. Interested users can be alerted when the game becomes available by signing up on the Arcade 1Up website.

Company: Atari/UNIS Technology Ltd. | Available: December 2020 | Price: TBD