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Atari Centipede Board Game from IDW Games

Company: IDW Games
Available: Now
Price: $39.99 USD

Fans of the classic Atari Centipede game will get a kick out of IDW Games’ officially licensed analog version. The Atari Centipede Board Game pits two to four players against each other in a race to eliminate their opponent.

To mimic the arcade version, one player controls the Gnome, exploring the enchanted forest via a pool of dice. Each die includes a series of actions, including side-to-side movement and firing the magic wand.

Meanwhile, the Centipede player uses a deck of cards to attempt to wiggle down the game board and destroy the Gnome. Cards include a series of actions, including the ability to place mushrooms on the board, spawn spiders and new centipedes, and move down the board.

The first player to eliminate their opponent is declared the winner.

Average play length is estimated between 30-45 minutes and the game is recommended for players ages 12 & up.

In addition to the game board, Centipede cards, and Gnome dice, the Atari Centipede Board Game includes mushroom, flea, and spider tokens, a sticker sheet, and rule book. The game checks in at $39.99 USD and is available directly from IDW Games and a variety of online retailers.

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