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Astrocam Flying Model Starter Set from Estes Industries

Budding rocketeers have a new gateway to the world of model rocketry, the Astrocam Flying Model Rocket Starter Set from Estes Industries.

Designed for beginners ages 10 and up, the set comes with a high-tech twist: an HD digital video camera that records in-flight sights and sounds on a 16 GB Micro SD memory card. The Astrocam is installed in the rocket’s specially engineered nose cone and secured with a rubber band.

In addition to the camera, the set includes supplies for two separate launches, including two different types of engines (B6-4, C6-5), starters, plugs, a parachute, and recovery wadding. Depending on the engine selected and weather conditions, the rocket has a projected maximum altitude of 900 feet.

To speed time-to-launch, all the parts needed to build the rocket (cardboard tube, plastic nose cone, and wing fins) are pre-finished. With no gluing or painting required, assembly time is a mere 30 minutes. Once assembled, the rocket launch is facilitated by the included Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller.

The Astrocam Flying Model Rocket Starter Set is available from various online retailers and the company’s online store at a cost of $59.99 USD.

Company: Estes Industries | Available: Now | Price: $59.99 USD

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