– Seattle, Washington

Archie McPhee’s Rubber Chicken Museum in Seattle’s Wallingford neighbourhood lauds the comedy-prop staple through exhibits that offer a look at the history and cultural impact of the rubber chicken.

Opened May 2018 inside Archie McPhee’s (a popular Seattle novelty shop), the Rubber Chicken Museum is an immersive experience. Archie McPhee’s owner Mark Pahlow takes inspiration from the roadside attractions made popular in the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s to create a destination worthy of hunting-out when in the area. The Museum uses sight, sound, and smell to draw visitors further into the world of rubber chickens and generate interest in the prop’s history. Photos, documents, and a plethora of rubber chickens of all shapes and sizes tell the tale of the rubber chicken, a long-running gag used by performers such as Johnny Carson, Tina Fey, Svengoolie, and Fozzie Bear, to name just a few.

The novelty shop is a perfect location to celebrate the rubber chicken. Memorabilia such as band-aids, t-shirts, necklaces, buttons, candles, masks, and more are available for purchase at the Museum. Be prepared to break out into dance during your visit. The Museum proudly plays the original Chicken Dance song and its variants for visitor’s enjoyment.

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