American Treasure Tour Museum – Oaks, Pennsylvania

The American Treasure Tour Museum houses the fruits of one anonymous collector’s sixty-plus-year treasure hunting obsession.

Located in a former B. F. Goodrich tire factory, the American Treasure Tour Museum is an eclectic mix of vintage toys, dollhouses, clown figures, movie memorabilia, sideshow art, and other objects of interest. Opened in 2010 for private tours only, the Museum is currently open to the public (masks required). Visitors to the Museum take a 40-minute tram ride through large rooms and hallways full of curiosities. Attractions include a castle constructed of 396,000 popsicle sticks, the world’s largest slinky and Gumby doll, one of the largest collections of automatic music players, and other fascinating and historically significant objects. In addition to the tram, visitors can also tour parts of the Museum on foot.

Fans of Muzz may recognize the American Treasure Tour Museum from the band’s 2020 video, Red Western Sky. The video is a great introduction to the American Treasure Tour Museum.

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