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American Museum of Magic – Marshall, Michigan

The American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan, houses the largest publicly accessible collection of magic-related objects and history in the United States.

Founded in 1978, the museum preserves the art and history of magic within two facilities. In the three-storey main building, visitors take in objects that once belonged to professional magicians, along with advertisements, show bills, magazines, original photos, diaries, and other artefacts from a collection estimated to be 500,000 objects. Visitors learn the stories of Harry Houdini,  Howard Thurston, Harry Blackstone, and other stage magicians and illusionists. The second facility serves as a research centre, open by appointment only, that preserves over four centuries of magic-related history from around the world.

The main building itself is of historical significance. Built in 1868, the structure has served many purposes in Marshall, including a saloon and billiard parlour.

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