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All New Bricks

LEGO takes centre stage at the All New Bricks YouTube channel, which features new LEGO sets built right before viewers’ eyes in time-lapsed videos.

Channel creator and LEGO Ambassador, Paul Ufema, lets LEGO kits tell their own story. Viewers watch slickly produced videos of Ufema putting together (mostly) new-release LEGO kits. Each video includes a detailed look at the box, the packages inside the box, and all the LEGO pieces that go into each build. Ufema then gets straight to the business of building.

Viewers watch as builds come together set to low-key music that allows for the sweet sounds of LEGO snaps and clicks to come through. There’s even a little time dedicated to play in each video as Ufema showcases some of the functionality within each set.

The channel also serves as a great pre-purchase resource for individuals considering making a new set but in need of more information or a little encouragement to reach for their wallet.

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