Advent Calendars from Playmobil

A new line of advent calendars from Playmobil lets kids count down to the holidays no matter how they celebrate.

Each 24-door calendar contains an assortment of Playmobil figures, accessories, and vehicles. After all the daily surprises have been extracted, the box can be folded open into a scenic backdrop.

Five Christmas-themed calendars are available, including Christmas in the Forest, Santa’s Workshop, Christmas Toy Store, Christmas Ball, and Family Christmas. Each set combines a festive design with holiday-themed figures, accessories, and vehicles.

Secular countdown themes are also available. Animal lovers can opt into either the Farm or Horse Farm calendar, each of which includes an assortment of animal figures and accessories. Fantasy and adventure-minded kids and adults can choose from Pirate Cove Treasure Hunt, Construction Site Fire Rescue, Novelmore: Battle for the Magic Stone, and the Stunt Show.

Fans of the Back to the Future franchise won’t want to miss out on the advent calendar commemorating the first movie’s 35th anniversary, which includes a series of accessories that allow kids to recreate classic scenes. The calendar’s box can be converted into the iconic town square scene from the film. As a bonus, the packaging includes a lenticular cover with a picture that shows the McFly family disappearing from view.

Playmobil’s advent calendars are available from various online retailers and range in price from $24.99 – $49.99 USD.

Company: Playmobil | Available: Now | Price: $24.99 – $49.99 USD