A Century of American Toys & Games: The Story of Pressman Toy

Authors: Jim Pressman and Donna Pressman with Alan Axelrod
Publication date: November 2022
ISBN: 978-0789214447
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

A Century of American Toys & Games: The Story of Pressman Toy by Jim Pressman and Donna Pressman along with Alan Axelrod is a brilliant celebration of a toy company that has not only brought joy to children all over the world but has also made history in several ways.

The Story of Pressman Toy covers the complete history of the company beginning in the 1800s with Abraham, Jack Pressman’s father. He left central Europe to escape the anti-Semitic regimes that plagued the area to come to New York, where he opened a small variety store. Jack became hooked on the toy business, and after a brief stint in the army, joined the North American Toy Company, which soon became J. Pressman & Company.

The large hardcover book features Pressman Toy’s signature red — the perfect coffee table book. Divided into 17 chapters, each chronologically covering an era of the company’s history, the story of Pressman Toy is told in both words and pictures. The book includes ads dating back to the 1920s, large images of the different toys and games produced and sold by the company, and personal mementos, including photos, letters, and newspaper clippings.

This book takes readers on a journey through time, as Pressman Toy navigates the Great Depression, World War II, a love story, the premature death of its founder, and the ground-breaking leadership of Lynn Pressman before Jim took over, running the company for over 30 years before selling it to Goliath Games in 2014. A heartwarming tale of a family company finding success over the course of a century, The Story of Pressman Toy is not to be missed.

Julia DeKorte is a book reviewer focused on the noteworthy people and manufacturers from the toy and game industry. In addition to Toy Tales, she is a regular contributor at People of Play.