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48 Hot Wheels Storage Truck from Tidy Treasures

A new storage solution from Australia-based Tidy Treasures increases the odds that kids will tidy up after playing with their Hot Wheels.

The 48 Hot Wheels Storage Truck is constructed of premium-quality hard plywood, checks in at approximately 44-inches long x 2-inches wide x 15-inches tall, and weighs around 13 lbs. The truck ships fully assembled and can be customized with paint, stain, or varnish as desired. A packet of Scrabble-style letter tiles is included for personalization of the display case.

Once unboxed, the Hot Wheels Storage Truck can accommodate up to 48 toy cars. It is wall-mountable and can be used free-standing, thanks to two included “landing gears” and a safety strap.

A Car Sticker Game and Tidy Habits Pack come with the package to assist parents with post-play pickup. Using a combination of stickers and a pre-printed rewards chart, clean-up becomes a game for children, complete with rewards.

The 48 Hot Wheels Storage Truck is available from the company’s Amazon store at the cost of $139.99 USD.

Company: Tidy Treasures | Available: Now | Price: $139.99 USD

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